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Timelines for Review & Response


The table below summarizes the steps and review/response times for managing a Distributed Energy Resource Connection request:


For Projects ≤ 10 kW (Micro-Embedded Generation facility – Net Metering)

1Submits a “Net Metering Application” formDER-applicant
2Reviews “Net Metering Application” formDistributorWithin 15 calendar daysDistributor may contact customer for more information
3Distributor advises Applicant there is adequate distribution capacity to connect ≤10 kW (Micro-Embedded Generation facility.Distributor
Assuming there is capacity and DER-applicant decides to process with the project:
4Issues a “Net Metering Agreement” [Offer to Connect] to the DER-applicantDistributorResponsibility of the DER-applicant to ensure Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) requirements are met.
5Completes and submits “Net Metering Agreement” [Offer to Connect] to the distributorDER-applicantResponsibility of the DER-applicant to ensure Distributor fees are paid (in full).
6Distributor connects the DER micro-embedded generation facility to the distribution systemWithin 5 calendar daysResponsibility of the DER-applicant to ensure ESA authorization to connect.

For projects >10 kW

1Submits Preliminary Consultation Information Request to DistributorDER-applicant
2Reviews “Preliminary Consultation Information Request”DistributorDistributor may contact customer for more information
3Issues a Preliminary Consultation Report to the DER-applicant.DistributorWithin 15 calendar days of receipt of Preliminary Consultation Information RequestPreliminary Consultation Report will list if whether the project can move ahead and the requirements (i.e. Connection Impact Assessment required (yes/no).
For projects over 10 kW, then a “Connection Impact Assessment” is required:
4Submits a Connection Impact Assessment to DER-applicantDistributorTimeframes listed below dependent upon the size of the generation facility
Size of Embedded Generation FacilityHost Distributor Connection Impact Assessment RequiredNumber of Days for Review & Response
Mid-sizedNowithin 60 days
Large sizedNowithin 90 days
Mid-sizedYes*within 75 days
Large sizedYes*within 105 days

* Note: 
Distributor Wellington North Power Inc. is an embedded distributor fed from Hydro One Network Inc. (the host distributor). We may need to request a Connection Impact Assessment from Hydro One Networks Inc. to determine whether connecting a generation facility will have any effect to the distribution lines / transmission lines, feeder capacity or equipment of Hydro One Networks Inc.


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