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Distributed Energy Resources

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Distributed Energy Resources


Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), are changing the way consumers, businesses and communities are meeting their electricity needs.


Thinking of DER project?

If you are considering a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) project, before you start work or purchase equipment, please review all the details in this Distributed Energy Resources Information section and then complete & submit the “Preliminary Consultation Information Request ” form to us.

These forms will assist us in checking to make sure there is electricity distribution capacity to connect a DER project in your area.

Preliminary Consultation Information Request

Distributed Energy Resources Connection Process Overview

The connection process can be broken into 4 stages once an applicant initiates a request to the distributor for a connection or information to connect:

1. Preliminary consultation, exchange of information and capacity check
a) Planning, information exchange, capacity check

2. Connection Impact Assessment
a) Capacity allocation

3. Project Development
a) Project scope and cost
b) Connection Cost Agreement

4. Build and energization
a) ESA Review and Inspections.
b) Build and Commissioning
c) Connection Agreements

Useful Resources:

More information about DER’s can be found at:
Ontario Energy Board DER Connection Process
Hydro One – List of Station Capacity


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