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Preliminary Consultation Report

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DER Connections

Preliminary Consultation Report


For reference, once you have submitted a completed “Preliminary Consultation Information Request,” within 15 days, Wellington North Power Inc. will issue a “Preliminary Consultation Report” to the DER-applicant.

This report identifies the feasibility of a connection based on the information provided in the “Preliminary Consultation Information Request” and the distributor’s knowledge of available capacity at the proposed point of connection.

If the “Preliminary Consultation Report” identifies there may be connection capacity, it will provide information that the DER-applicant will need to prepare for a “Connection Impact Assessment” application.

Any other information that the distributor considers helpful to the applicant in deciding whether to proceed to the next stage of planning (e.g., any conditions on capacity or configuration and the likelihood that the project will require transfer trip) will be included in the notes section of the “Preliminary Consultation Report.”

The “Preliminary Consultation Report” will also identify what connection studies will be required at the Connection Impact Assessment application stage. For instance, depending on the size and location of the project, these may include multiple Connection Impact Assessments (e.g. the distributor and the host distributor – Hydro One Networks Inc).

It is important to remember that the “Preliminary Consultation Report” is a snapshot in time and does not reserve capacity for a project.


The distributor is responsible for completing and submitting the “Preliminary Consultation Report” to the DER-applicant.

Below is a copy of Preliminary Consultation Information Request template.
If you have any queries, please e-mail us generation@wellingtonnorthpower.com.

Preliminary Consultation Report