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  • YYYY dash MM dash DD

  • I hereby notify Wellington North Power Inc. that:
    1. I am the owner / property manager of the property / properties listed below; and
    2. Until the Tenant gives notice to Wellington North Power Inc., the Tenant is responsible for all electricity charges incurred.
  • List the service address(es) of the property (properties) you own/manage that require service:

  • The Owner / Landlord / Property Manager ("Customer") agrees to abide by the Distributor’s Rules, Regulations and Conditions of Service, in effect and as amended from time to time.

    The Owner / Landlord / Property Manager ("Customer") further agrees to:

    1. The Customer is responsible for notifying Wellington North Power Inc. of any changes (i.e. contact information, property ownership details, etc.);
    2. It is your responsibility to notify Wellington North Power Inc. should you sell any of the properties listed above;
    3. Wellington North Power Inc. may choose to notify the Customer of non-payment of an account and/or disconnection of service if the tenant fails to pay all the related service and distribution charges at the location(s) covered by this Agreement from the date herein until such time as the Landlord no longer requires the service;
    4. An Account Occupancy Charge/Change of Occupancy fee for electricity will be applied to your electricity bill plus water/sewer account set-up fees where applicable when the account is transferred into the Landlord’s name;
    5. We use an automated telephone message service, e-mail, bill inserts and/or letters to provide information (e.g. account overdue notice, products and services). It is your responsibility to notify us of your preferred communication method; and
    6. Understands the General Conditions and Privacy Notice to Customers of the Distributor as per the following page.
  • YYYY dash MM dash DD

General Conditions:

Approval of Equipment and Power Factor – All electrical and mechanical equipment used by the customer shall be subject to the reasonable approval of the Distributor and the customer shall so take and use the electrical energy as not to endanger the apparatus of the Distributor or cause any wide or abnormal fluctuations of its line voltage. All motors shall be selected with reference to secure the highest feasible power factor at loads. Where practical, equipment with the highest power factor should be chosen and motors sized to match the load. The Distributor shall check power factors and when found to be below 90%, reserves the right to install a kVA meter and bill on the kW or 90% of the kVA, whichever is higher. This constitutes a penalty for power factors below 90%. Motor starting current shall be subject to approval of the Operations Department and in accordance with the Distributors’ Conditions of Service.

Binding – This agreement shall not be binding upon the Distributor until accepted by it through its proper officers and shall not be modified or affected by any promise, agreement or representation by any agent or employee of the Distributor unless incorporated in writing into this agreement before such acceptance.

Charges – The customer agrees to pay the Distributor charges for plant as determined based on the Conditions of Service and the Distributor’s approved rates. The customer shall maintain the installation in efficient condition with proper devices, according to the requirements and rules of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). If the electrical installation is found to be inadequate, the supply of electricity shall be suspended until such time as the above requirements are in compliance.

Conditions of Service – The building must be supplied with electrical energy according to the Distributor’s Condition of Service.

Disconnection – The customer hereby expressly authorizes and empowers the Distributor as its option to remove the meter, wires, poles, cables, transformers and all other appliances/ equipment installed at its expense and discontinue the supply of electricity and terminate this agreement whenever any bills for the said service are in arrears or upon violation by the customer of any of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Fire or Other Casualty – In case fire or other casualty shall occur in said premises, rendering them wholly unfit for occupancy, the supply of electricity shall thereupon be suspended until such time as the wiring shall have been repaired and approved by the ESA.

Meter Problems – If a meter ceases to register or has registered incorrectly, the customer shall pay for the energy supplied a reasonable sum based on the reading of any meter formerly or subsequently installed on the premises, due regard being given to any change in the character of the installation and on the demand.

Reliability – The Distributor agrees to use reasonable diligence in providing a regular and uninterrupted service but does not guarantee a constant service or the maintenance of unvaried frequency of voltage and will not be liable in damages to the customer by reason of any failure in respect thereof. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide under or over voltage protection devices for the protection of his equipment.

Responsibility for Equipment – Meters, wires, poles, cables, transformers and all other appliances and equipment of the Distributor on the said premises shall be in the care and at the risk of the customer and if destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause whatsoever other than ordinary wear and tear, the customer shall pay to the Distributor the value of such meters, wires, poles, cables, transformers, appliances and equipment, or the cost of repairing or replacing same.

Security Deposit – The Distributor reserves the right to require security for payment of future charges.

Space and Access – The customer agrees to provide suitable space for the Distributor’s meters, wires and where necessary poles, cables, transformers and all other appliances and equipment on the said premises and further agrees that no one who is not an agent of the Distributor shall be permitted to remove, inspect or tamper with same, including seals and that the properly authorized agents of the Distributor shall at all hours have free access to the said premises for the purpose of reading, examining, preparing or removing their meters, wires, poles, cables, transformers and other appliances and equipment of the Distributor and for the inspection of all the customer’s appliances and wiring.

Successors – It is agreed that the signatures of the parties hereto shall be binding upon their successors or assigns and that the vacating of the premises herein named shall not release the customer from this agreement except at the option and by written consent of the Distributor.

Theft of Power – Whenever the Distributor shall find that on the customer’ s premises more electricity is used than is being paid for to the Distributor, it may charge for such excess at tariff rates from the date of the contract or the date of the last inspection on said premises. If there is a meter and devices have been installed in such manner as not to register on said meter, the Distributor may charge the customer for such usage based on estimated consumption of electricity for all load not registering on the meter. If intent to defraud is indicated, criminal charges may be laid.

Termination – This agreement shall continue in force until terminated by written notice given by either party thirty days in advance of termination.

Privacy Notice:

Your personal information is collected on this form by Wellington North Power Inc. under the authority of the Electricity Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 15, Sched. A. Your personal information will be used for the purposes identified in our Privacy Policy that can be viewed at: https://www.wellingtonnorthpower.com//PrivacyPolicy.pdf .

These include:

  • To confirm your identify, respond to your inquiries and maintain business relations with you;
  • To deliver and maintain electricity service;
  • To bill and collect payment;
  • To establish your credit worthiness;
  • To register you for pre-authorized payment;
  • For legal, regulatory and market operations requirements;
  • To help prevent or investigate fraud, theft of power or other breaches of the law;
  • To provide you with information about our services, the electricity industry, energy conservation and rates;
  • To request your participation in surveys or contests in relation to the electricity industry; or
  • To notify you about events or causes sponsored by Wellington North Power Inc.

If you have any questions about this collection, the ways in which your personal information may be used by Wellington North Power Inc., or would like further information about our privacy policies, please contact: Privacy Officer, Wellington North Power Inc.by telephone at 519-323-1710, e-mail: customerservice@wellingtonnorthpower.com or in writing to Wellington North Power Inc., 290 Queen St W, PO Box 359, Mount Forest, ON, N0G 2L0.