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Distributed Energy Resources


New technologies are shaping the way electricity systems generate, control, distribute and store electricity. These innovative technologies, often referred to as Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), are changing the way consumers, businesses and communities are meeting their electricity needs.

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) is an electricity source or load that is connected to a distribution system, typically through a connection on the customer-side of an ownership demarcation point. Sources generate electricity (e.g. generation facilities, including energy storage facilities when discharging), while loads do not generate electricity (e.g. energy storage facilities when charging).

While generation power plants continue to play an essential role in Ontario’s electricity system, new smaller-scale technologies, like solar panels and onsite battery storage, enable consumers and communities the opportunity to produce and distribute their own electricity, reducing their reliance on Ontario’s electricity system.

Examples of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) include:

  • Rooftop solar photovoltaic systems.
  • Battery storage systems.
  • Combined heat and power systems.
  • Electric vehicle-to-grid charging systems

Benefits of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) include:

  • Give consumers control: DERs reduce reliance on the provincial electricity grid by supplying some of the energy needed for a home, facility or business, which helps lower electricity bills.
  • Lower system costs: DERs can be located close to urban centres, which limits (or avoids) the need for new or upgraded distribution / transmission lines.
  • Provide energy security: DERs can be connected to the local or provincial grid, providing back-up power during emergencies

Thinking of DER project?

If you are considering a Distributed Energy Resource (DER) project, before you start work or purchase equipment, please review the details in the before you start work or purchase equipment, please review the details in the “Distributed Energy Resources – Detailed Information & Forms” and complete & submit the “Preliminary Consultation Information Request ” form to us.

Useful Resources:

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