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Micro Embedded Generation Facility
Net Metering

If you are considering installing a Micro-Embedded Generation Net Metering at your residential property or business facility, below is a list of frequently asked questions to assist you.


Before you start work or purchase equipment, please review the information below.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering allows you to manage your energy costs through the installation of renewable resources (e.g. wind, water, solar radiation or agricultural biomass).

If you are producing more electricity than you use, net metering allows you to send excess electricity generated from your renewable energy source to our distribution system. In return, we will give you a credit on your bill. Excess generation credits can be carried forward for a consecutive 12-month period to offset future electricity costs. 

For details and eligibility requirements, see Ontario Regulation 541/05.

How does it work?

Once you have met all the technical requirements, we will install a bidirectional meter at your location. The meter measures the electricity that you draw (or consume) from the grid and it also measures the electricity that you produce (or generate) and send to the distribution system.

As per Ontario Regulation 541/05, using monthly meter readings, we will calculate the value of the energy you took (or consumed) from the grid as well as the value of the energy you sent (or generated) to the grid. You will essentially pay the difference (or “net”) between the two.

What if I generate more than I consume?

Some months you might generate more than you consume, such as in the summer when there is plenty of sunshine. In these circumstances, you will accumulate generation credits that can be used towards future consumption charges.

Under Ontario Regulation 541/05 we cannot pay you for excess generation. Excess generation accumulates as generation credits to be used against future consumption charges only.

What if I consume more than I generate?

Some months you might consume more than you generate. During the winter months, most systems generate less electricity, and you will likely draw more electricity from the grid than you produce. In these months, the generation credits that you have previously accumulated will be automatically applied to your account.

Do credits expire?

Generation credits do not carry forward indefinitely. The accumulated credit must be used within 12 months. Once credits have accumulated for 12-consecutive months, all credits are written-off as per Ontario Regulation 541/05.

Is a Connection Impact Assessment required?

No, a Connection Impact Assessment is not required if the micro-embedded generation project is ≤10 kW.

Will Net Metering bring my bill to zero?

No. There is a monthly fixed charge that you will always have to pay. This is to pay for the use and maintenance of the distributor’s electricity distribution system (i.e. poles, transformers and, wires).

For business customers there are also some charges that are not offset by net metering.

However, all customers will be able to offset the cost of the electricity commodity with net metering.

Can credits be applied to other services?

No, net metering credits can only be applied to your future electricity usage.

Credits can not be transferred to pay for other services your local hydro company may also bill you for, such as water / sewer usage.

What is the process for connecting a Micro-Embedded Generation facility such as a net-metering project?

The process and steps for connecting a Micro-Embedded Generation facility, like a net-metering project, are summarized in the document below:

Micro-Embedded Generation Facility Connection Process

How I apply?

Please complete the Micro-Embedded Generation ≤10 kW Application form and submit it to us.

This form will assist us in checking to make sure there is electricity distribution capacity to connect a net metering project in your area.

Micro-Embedded Generation ≤10 kW Application

Once we have confirmed with you that there is adequate electricity distribution capacity to connect your Micro-Embedded Generation ≤10 kW project, we will send you a Micro-Embedded Generation ≤10 kW Connection Agreement.

You will need to complete and submit to us a “Micro-Embedded Generation ≤10 kW Connection Agreement” form – below is a copy of the Agreement you will be asked to complete:

Micro-Embedded Generation ≤10 kW Connection Agreement

Useful Resources

Ontario Regulation 541/05: Net Metering


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