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Power Outages

If your power has gone out or you're having trouble with your electricity, call our outage/after hours phone number:


We're available 24 hours a day.

If you're having a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Do not approach a downed power line. Keep a distance of least 10 metres and call your local hydro office and 911

Electrical Clearance Requirements

Tree Planting and Trimming Near Overhead Electrical Infrastructure

When trees, shrubs or vines are too close to the Overhead (OH) electrical infrastructure, there are potential hazards from branches and limbs such as fires, power outages, or direct contact when playing in or working around hidden lines…read more

Clearances to Overhead Electrical Infrastructure

Communication between all parties involved in the design, construction, renovation, for the use and maintenance of buildings near overhead (OH) electrical infrastructure is key…read more

Clearances for Swimming Pools

Electrical safety around swimming pools, hot tubs, and water features is critical, as the combination of water and electricity can create dangerous and unintended paths of electric current…read more

Clearances to Underground Electrical Infrastructure

Clearances around underground (UG) electrical infrastructure as per Wellington North Power’s specifications and standards must be met by planners, architects, developers / contractors, municipalities, and property owners…read more