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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my hydro bill gone up?

On November 1st 2019, the Ontario Electricity Board made changes to rates and electricity bills to make your electricity costs more transparent and easier to understand.

Our customers will notice two changes on their bills:

  • The electricity line that shows the charges for their usage will increase due to the rise in rates effective November 1, 2019.
  • There will be a new line item, the Ontario Electricity Rebate, that will replace the former 8% Provincial Rebate as well as the rate reduction previously provided through the Fair Hydro Plan.

Will my electricity bill go up?

As a result of the new electricity rates effective November 1, 2019, consumers will see the electricity line on their bill rise. The new Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) will compensate for that rise, and the average residential bill will rise in line with inflation or approximately 1.8%.

What is the Ontario Electricity Rebate?

Effective November 1, 2022, the Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) is an 11.7% on-bill rebate that replaces the previous 8% provincial rebate and rate relief provided through the Fair Hydro Plan. 

Who is eligible for the Ontario Electricity Rebate?

Most consumers that were previously eligible for the 8% provincial rebate will receive the Ontario Electricity Rebate automatically, including most households, farms and most small businesses.

However, there are certain “Notice” requirements in place for larger multi-unit complexes and consumers who were previously receiving the 8% provincial rebate that are needed in order to confirm their eligibility for the new Ontario Electricity Rebate.

Where can I pay my bill?

You can make bill payments at our office, by mail, in the after hours drop box, through pre-authorized payment, telephone banking, online banking, credit card over the phone or through our website (managed by a third-party and a transaction fee will be applied) and at your bank or ATM. Methods of payment accepted in the office include cash, cheque or money order. Debit is also available at the 290 Queen St W location.

Are you in Arrears? An Arrears Payment Agreement may help

The Ontario Energy Board-prescribed Arrears Payment Agreement (APA) may help clear arrear balances.
Conditions apply – if you default on your payment arrangement, the APA may be cancelled.

Call our office at 519-323-1710 or e-mail customerservice@wellingtonnorthpower.com for further details.

Can I manage my account on-line?

Once you receive your first bill, you can register for Customer Connect – an on-line tool that enables you to view your energy consumption and payment details.

You will receive e-bill notification when your latest bill is produced allowing you to view or download it.

Register for Customer Connect  

Can I register for paperless billing?

Once you receive your first bill, you can register for Customer Connect – an on-line tool that enables you to view your energy consumption and payment details.

You will receive e-bill notification when your latest bill is produced allowing you to view or download it.

Register for Customer Connect 

How does the Equal Payment Plan work?

Please call 519-323-1710 for more information.

What is the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan?

Wellington North Power Inc. offers the convenience of Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) to most customers. You will still receive a monthly bill; however, when your bill is due, the exact amount will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account. For more information contact our customer service department.

Who do I call if I have a service problem, outage or emergency?

In all cases you would call Wellington North Power Inc. WNP is responsible for your distribution lines and poles and for delivering power to your home. Help can be reached at 519-323-1710.      

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When I call customer service, why am I asked identifying information?

Strict federal privacy legislation ensures that your personal information is protected. When you call you will be asked to identify yourself and specific information regarding your account. If more than one person will be inquiring or doing business on an account a Connection Agreement must be in place that allows for their access. If a signed agreement is not on record, we are unable to release any information.

Why have I been asked to pay a security deposit on my account?

Deposits can be waived for customers who can supply a Letter of Credit from another utility. If you are an existing customer and your account remains in good standing you will not be asked to pay a security deposit.  If you fail to maintain a good payment history we will require a deposit to continue service.

Interest is paid monthly on deposits.  Residential customers who maintain a good payment history for one year will have their deposits credited to their regular hydro account.  Commercial customers must maintain five years good payment history and our larger Industrial customers must maintain seven years.

If we still hold a deposit when an account is finalized, the deposit is applied to the final bill and any excess is returned. For complete details of our deposit policy, please consult our conditions of service.

Why is my bill so much higher than my neighbour’s?

Different households have different patterns of electricity use so no two bills will ever be the same.  Take an inventory of the electrical appliances in your home. Have you added or changed an appliance?   What are the ages of your major appliances? Do you have an air conditioner, hot tub, pool? Some of the largest consumption culprits include electric heat, electric hot water heaters, fridges, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. All of these contribute to the amount of energy you consume and can contribute to the variation between your bill and your neighbour’s bill. 

Log on to Customer Connect to help identify the patterns to your bill individually.

How often am I billed?

Wellington North Power Inc. bills once a month. It is important to understand that you are billed for consumption used in the prior month. Watch for your read dates in the Meter section of your bill.

Your electricity meter is read remotely on the 1st day of each month.

Bills will typically arrive by mail on approx. the 20th of every month.

Bill payment is due, typically, on the 1st Monday of the month.

(Example: usage of January 1 to February 1 will be mailed out on approx. 18th of February with a Due Date typically the 1st Monday of March.)

Understanding My Bill
A Retailer wants me to Sign a Contract

Ask for identification (a business card or ID) from the Retailer and confirm it is genuine..

Don’t share your personal information (don’t give them your bill to look at).

Carefully read the contract – you have consumer rights, see: https://www.oeb.ca/consumer-protection

Wellington North Power Inc. does not go door to door.

Who bills me for water and sewer?

Wellington North Power Inc. bills the water and sewer on behalf of the Township of Wellington North.

Any concerns regarding quality of the water, rates or services should be directed to the water department at the Township of Wellington North.