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Preliminary Consultation Report

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Wellington North Power Inc. provides this information in response to your Preliminary Consultation Information Request. This information will assist you in completing your Connection Impact Assessment application (CIA), should you decide to proceed. Please note that the information provided is based on information and records available to us at the time that this report was issued and is subject to change and verification. Capacity is not being reserved for your project at this time. Capacity is only reserved upon completion of a successful CIA.
Connection Information
Connection Station (Municipal/Distribution Station)
Host Distributor (if applicable)
Upstream Station (Transmission Station)
Information including any conditions on capacity or configuration, and likely requirements for transfer trip.
Process and Requirements for Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) If you proceed to apply for a CIA study, the following characteristics will likely apply. This information is provided for your guidance only and does not assume the outcome of the CIA.
Impact Assessment Studies Required:
Payments owing for Impact Assessments on submission of CIA Form Please see our website for the costs of CIAs and SIAs and the payee for cheques.