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Why is Ontario Introducing SMART METERS?

Posted On: Sunday, December 27, 2015

SMART METERS will help Ontario meet its energy needs.

Between now and 2025, Ontario must build almost a whole new electricity system. 

This includes replacing about 80% of our current generating facilities as they retire over time, and expanding the system to meet our future growth.
Building new supply is vital. So is conservation. 

Conservation will help us make the best use of our existing electricity resources and slow the growth in our demand. 
Visit our Time-Of-Use Page to Learn More.

That's why Ontario is introducing new tools - like SMART METERS - that can help. SMART METERS will encourage us all to think more about how and when we use electricity.
Learn answers to questions about SMART METERS:

  • Smoothing Peak Demand
  • How is a SMART METER Different?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Time-Of-Use Pricing
  • More ...

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