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Residential Customer Survey Results


From October 2019 to February 2020, Wellington North Power Inc. invited Residential, Small Business and Industrial & Commercial customers to complete a survey about your local hydro company. The survey asked questions concerning the services offered by the utility, power outages, investment priorities and electricity rates.
Thank you to all customers who participated in this customer survey – we value your input and feedback.


Your feedback has assisted Wellington North Power in determining the levels of spending and investment in equipment, infrastructure and the services provided as we finalize our business plans for the 5-year period of 2021 to 2025.

Survey Results

We were planning to invite customers to local community meetings in May 2020 to present the results of the Customer Survey; however due to the COVID-19 pandemic and guidelines of Public Health, this was not possible.

We still want to share the survey results with our customers so we have posted the results on our website.  Please click here to download the report.

Survey Participation

We received the following responses:

  • Residential customers: 219 survey responses (or 7% of our total residential accounts).
  • Small Business customers: 12 survey responses (or 3% of our total small business accounts).
  • Industrial & Commercial customers: 3 survey responses (or 75% of our total small business accounts).

What You Told Us

A summary of what we heard from you is:

  • 97% of all participating survey respondents (Residential, Small Businesses and Industrial & Commercial) “agreed’ that WNP provides consistent reliable electricity.
  • 85% of survey respondents trusted Wellington North Power to make decisions about the future of electricity infrastructure and capital investment in your community.
  • 83% of all survey respondents “agreed” that WNP was efficient at managing the electric system (i.e. quick to respond to problems and performed maintenance & repairs swiftly).
  • The top two “high priority” statements for investment prioritization are:
    • Maintaining and upgrading equipment” (76% of all respondents) and
    • Reducing response time to outages” (68% of all respondents).
  • 40% of survey respondents said “continue with current investment spending levels to balance electricity reliability and rates” was most important. 14% were willing to “pay lower electricity rates with reduced reliability”.
  • 1% of survey respondents were either “dissatisfied” or very dissatisfied” with the overall service provided by the utility.


In preparing our business plans for the 5-year period of 2021 to 2025, we have incorporated the key messages our customers have told us:

  • “Maintaining and upgrading equipment” was the number one “High Priority” statement concerning investments spending. We will to continue with a capital investment plan that maintains the reliability of the distribution system at a pace that does not excessively increase hydro-rates year-over year. This planning is through good asset condition assessment programs that will assist in making informed asset replacement priority decisions.
  • The majority of customers rated “continue with current investment spending levels to balance electricity reliability and rates” as important to them. We need to be respectful of how the utility spends rate-payers money ensuring that any investment will continue to maintain electricity reliability.
  • We need to continue to deliver excellent service to our customers to maintain their trust in their local hydro company.

Wellington North Power Inc. is accountable to the provincial regulator, the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), both in terms of sharing what our customers say and demonstrating how we considered your views when undertaking the planning process. Every five years, we submit a cost of service rate application (a business plan), to the Ontario Energy Board seeking approval of our electricity distribution rates as well as capital investments and operating budgets. We will be filing our rate application in October 2020 and will post information on our website for our customers to review.


Should you have any questions about the customer survey results, please contact us by:

Yours truly,

Jim Klujber,

CEO/President, Wellington North Power Inc.