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CEAP-SB Application Form

COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program for Small Business (CEAP)

COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program for Small Business (CEAP-SB) is a new program from the Government, launched on August 31, 2020.  CEAP is a specific, time-limited program to provide a one-time, on-bill credit to electricity and natural gas small business consumers who have experienced hardships as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One-time Credit:

Eligible customers can receive a one-time credit of $425 applied to their hydro bill (or $850 if they primarily use electricity for heating).

You are eligible for this program if you meet all the following criteria:

  1. As of the date you are applying, your small business or registered charity has an active account with an electricity distributor or a unit sub-meter provider. You will be required to provide your registered business number or registered charity number.
  2. Your small business or registered charity is classified as a general service less than 50 kilowatt (kW) customer if the account is with an electricity distributor.
  3. Your small business or registered charity is using less than 150,000 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity annually if the account is with a unit sub-meter provider.
  4. Your small business or registered charity did not have any overdue amounts on its electricity bill on March 17, 2020, the date of the Provincial Declaration of Emergency, or made at least partial payments on amounts overdue prior to March 17, 2020.
  5. As of the date you are applying, your small business or registered charity has any overdue amounts owing from at least two electricity bills since March 17, 2020.
  6. Your small business or registered charity was required to close* its premises to members of the public for regular operations for at least fifteen days as a result of a government order or an inability to adapt your business or charity to comply with public health recommendations.

* “close” means that the small business or registered charity was unable to maintain regular operations as a result of government order or health recommendations that required them to either fully close operations, limit access to their premises or limit the services provided or available to the public.

You may be eligible for an enhanced credit if your small business or registered charity’s main heating source is electricity.

CEAP-SB credit will be available only once per account holder, and a customer can only receive the credit once, even if it has multiple locations.

How to Apply:

To apply for this credit, you need to complete and submit a CEAP Application Form.

Save the link below to your computer/device, fill-in the form, save it and return it to Wellington North Power Inc. by:

- E-mail:

- Mail: Wellington North Power Inc. 290 Queen St W, PO Box 359, Mount Forest, ON, N0G 2LO.


Contact us by:


Cal:       519-323-1710

NOTE: This is a fillable form; please save this link to your device first so you can open the form. Once completed, save the form and send it to us.

This program is being provided by and funded by the Government of Ontario, not Wellington North Power Inc.

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